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December 15, 2002 - 11:10 am

funny how things always seem to work out. i am working the best temp job ever. not just because it's a fun job, but because it's a graphic design job. i am learning all sorts of new layout programs and i'm actually working with my most feared program on a regular basis (adobe's illustrator) and feeling great about what i am doing. i make maps and brochures for a huge corporation in downtown vancouver (with 334 offices worldwide). did i tell you how much i love my job?? that is is fun?? it makes me pretty fucking happy. whoooo!!!!

but with every upside comes a dilemna. the goverment called me friday offering me a job (they left a message on my answering machine). now, the gov pays well well well and there is much security and they will pay for me to take courses, like learning french. but it is still a customer service job and will in no way inhance my career opportunities. in a way, i kind of see it like a trap. but a very cushy one. it would be great to pay off my student loans and get out of debt. the government job will help me do this fast. but it will be ultimately unsatisfying. however, the gov offers chances to move up and on into other departments, including design work. on the other hand, my amazing temp job ends january 17, but i suppose there is the possibility of staying on permanently. they like me and they need me. it's a very busy marketing department and they have work orders up the wazoo.

so here lies my dilemna. i don't know what i should do. which job should i take?? this is where you come in. write to me in my guestbook and fill me in!!

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