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December 11, 2002 - 8:29 am

i guess one of the bad things about temping is that your job can suddenly stop. you may think you are in for a week's worth of work, but on a client's whim, you are out. and on monday afternoon, i was out. and this week i haven't got any work yet and i'm getting a little bit panic-y.

but no work means days off. and the boy decided to call in sick yesterday from his bike messenger job and hang out with me. we went out for breakfast and ran some errands and treked out to main street to check out used book stores and ate napoleon's in one of my favorite bakeries. we did all this in the pouring pouring rain. when we got home, we did some more work on our website and got into a fight. well, it was more that he just made me angry. anyway, it was sorted out and all is well and good, but it did leave me feeling sort of down for the rest of the evening. after, he left to go to his volunteer job, i headed over to kyla's for some tree trimming and cookie eating. while there, we preserved some lemons and listened to christmas carols. it was a nice evening.

the boy came over again and this morning he has called in sick again. and though i am happy to spend the day with him, he is cutting in on some valuable christmas present-making time. although, i shouldn't complain as he burnt me a bunch of cds and helped me make a mixed cd for my brother and my dad. yes, burnt cds make ideal cheap gifts for my family! kristen is heading back to ontario on friday and she'll be taking my gifts to my family, so i've got to get to work! anyway, there is a lot i can do with the boy around and he's always a willing participant to accompany me on all of my journeys and errands.

i'll be making the most of my time off, but my fingers are crossed hoping for some paying work.

pretty please!

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