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November 27, 2002 - 9:39 am

yesterday i trained at my new temp job. i'll be back for more training on friday before i work a whole week next week. i was trained on using access and accpac and the phone system. pretty boring stuff but at least there will be stuff to do inbetween surfing. i like that. i also saw "my" resume that the temp agency sent to the company. i put 'my' in quotes cuz, believe me, it ain't anything like my resume. some parts of it i was impresseed with (like my summary of skills....wow, can i do that??) but most of it was just lies. actually, most of my employement history was lies, lies, lies. did you know that from 1994-1998 i was working for various temp agencies? well, that's what it says on "my" resume. i guess working at record stores and working as office help for a non-profit health agency are just not good enough for my temp agency and their clients. it was a pretty funny discovery.

as for other potential jobs in my life, i haven't heard back from the web design company so i'm sure that one is over. today i will hand deliver my resume to the opera company...that is if i can get my ass out of my pyjamas. i think i'm getting sick and i feel like hell. i hope that i can get myself feeling better by friday for my next shift temping. my quality of life is now based on the fact that i have temp jobs. maybe that is what is making me feel so bad. but i don't think my dinner last night of popcorn helped any. or it could be my lack of sleep. on monday night i went with the boy to the rep cinema across town to see '24 hour party people'. it was pretty good and a lot different from what i had expected....tho i never read movie reviews cuz i like that feeling. it made me want to pull out my old joy division records and listen to 'transmission' really, really loud. it also really reminded me of my first serious boyfriend and i'd wear his joy division t-shirt to sleep in at nights. it's probably the first time i've really thought of moments of that relationship. he was a huge joy devision fan, but i don't blame the music.

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