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November 25, 2002 - 9:46 am

i'm up, it's a new week and i've got only 2 days work from the temp agency. next week tho, will be full, but this week, not so much. i am really getting scared about money and i will have to start watching every penny and budgeting like crazy. i am so bad with a budget, but good with saving. weird. i replied back for the web designer position, and i hope the guy will respond soon and decide that, yes indeed, i am the one he wants to hire!! my fingers and toes are crossed. later today, i will also will personally deliver a fantastic resume and cover letter to the opera job i spoke in my last entry. i usually get hired when i actually go in person. again, fingers are crossed!! and i will also go to more megabookstores and solicit for xmas retail jobs. hello, call me job whore.

last night i changed the logo and design of my (and cornelius') design company site. all it needs now is a flash animation and some more lil' design elements and the new site will be up and running by the end of the week. i love working for myself. too bad it doesn't pay the bills. yet. today i will also do more working for me. i have to send out a bunch of zines to toronto and send one out to the ceeb. running these little errands for myself really does make me feel good. so good in fact, that i can ignore the fact that i am 32 years old and applying for a retail job that probably only pays minimum wage. go me!

when i wasn't worrying about jobs this past weekend, i was crying about it. actually, that's not necessarily so. friday night, randy, kyla and dan came by and we drank beer, hot toddies and played trivial pursuit. it ended past 2am and we declared it a draw, as all of us had only one last pie to fill. saturday i had breakfast with the boy and we walked around his neighbourhood and went into all the open art studios for the vaneast culture crawl. i love snooping into other peoples' space! we then came back to my house and made a yummy vegetable barley soup and chatted long into the night. the next morning, i called my parents and asked them for some money to help pay my rent. they said they'd put some money in my bank account and i'm grateful. it was such a hard thing to do -- to ask my parents for money. i haven't done that in years and years. it was hard. hard. hard. the rest of the day went better. i went to my most favorite library ever and got out a bunch of videos: an affair to remember, written on the wind (i love this movie and have seen it 5 times already!), shock corridor, guys and dolls, la vida loca, 42 up and the third man. it was a good haul.

and i want to thank you all for your guestbook wishes! i really do appreciate all of your kind thoughts.

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