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November 22, 2002 - 8:06 pm

it's early on friday evening and soon my friday night plans will materialize into one giant hang out. lots of friends, beer, board games (and maybe even charades!), and lots of laughing and good times. it will be good to not think about my financial reality at least for the night. i can recount to my friends how i've already applied to 2 xmas help jobs. one at a big name bookstore chain (which actually seems like someplace where i'd like to work) and the other at restoration hardware. i'd then tell them how one of the cutie pie sales clerks approached me and told me how much she loved my bag (a one-of-a-kind local designer shoulder bag) and directed me to the manager who asked me all sorts of retail experience questions, said i had to have good shoes and then looked down at my vans-sneakered feet and said snobbily "well, not those shoes". yup, i do admit to liking restoration hardware, but nope, i don't think i could work there for xmas. shoe-snubber!! applying for retail jobs made me feel like i was 20 again but it didn't make me feel as good as i hoped i'd feel! oh yes, all the stories i have to tell my friends.

i can also mention that late this afternoon, after i finished my humbling job hunt, i checked my email and received a reply for a web design job that i had applied for early in the week on a whim. apparently, this small design firm received well over 300 applications and he chose me as part of a handful of applicants he is interested in. i found out more about the job and it seems more than ideal -- basically contracting and working out of my apartment and getting paid for it. a nice set up. he now wants more information from me. i'll reply tommorrow and dazzle him with my wit and charm. i can only hope for the best.

and if that prospect doesn't work out, i've another lead for a job with a modern opera company that needs an administrator with web experience for a well-paying part time job. and what makes this job so attractive is that the office is located only a few blocks away from my home.

yes, sometimes the pendulm swings and it hurts and then sometimes it goes back into a whole new direction. who knew? i can only quote from a most wonderful person and friend. she is very special and here are her words: "Here is my idea for you on this stressful-what-the-fuck-am-I-going-to-do-if-they-flake-I-got-bills-to-pay- kind of day…take a deep breath and remember all the things in your life that surprised you.   The things/people/situations that creeped up, that tapped you on the shoulder, disappeared, and reappeared before you had the chance to muster up any enthusiasm for them.  I like to think that it is those kind of things that make life keep tumbling by.  Try as much as we might, we can just can never predict them. Maybe that’s what makes them so extraspecialious."

extraspecialious indeed.

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