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November 20, 2002 - 9:30 am

alright, call me officially worried. i still haven't heard from the BigAdAgency about working next monday. i know last time they called me on a thursday that i'll be working the following monday, but come on! i've sent them now three emails asking for information and i haven't heard a word. yes, i am freaking out. i am running out of money fast and i need this job. i also will be really pissed off if they suddenly decide to cancel on me. i've put off a well-paying government job for this opportunity and even tho i am number one on the gov't list, who knows when the next job opportunity will come up. gah!! i am at a loss. what can i do next?

the only good news on the horizon is that it's not raining out and it's warm, warm, warm outside. actually, beside the worry about the job, i am feeling better than i did yesterday. i worked out this morning to purge myself from the bad, bad eating habits that have plagued me of late. yesterday i ate horribly starting with a breakfast of bits and bites and ending with my late night snack of american-bought peanut butter oreos. oh, the shame. on the more positive front, i am also getting my haircut tonight and i'm meeting the boy after his work downtown. and tommorrow the boy is taking me out on a "date". he called me up on sunday night and asked me if i wanted to go out on a date on thursday evening. yes, things are definitely getting better. now if only these feelings could transfer to the fucking motherfucker BigAdAgency!!!


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