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November 18, 2002 - 8:56 am

this past weekend was all about getting shit done and go-go-go. well, that's not necessarily the case. on friday night the boy knocked on my door and handed me the most beautiful bunch of flowers. he felt bad that i had to miss work and stuff. he is a sweetiepie, indeed. we went for a walk in the rain and snooped through the windows of other peoples houses and talked about our ideal home and how sad it cuz it wouldn't happen in vancouver (due to the sky-high house prices). saturday we had a huge breakfast, voted in the municiple election and headed off to ikea. sad to report that we spent way too much time there (but thankfully, not too much money!) saturday night, the boy, kyla and i walked to see the gay and the organ play at pat's pub. i got drunk and had a good ol' time.

but sunday was where it was at. i got shit done and done right. it was nice to have my lil' bachelorette suite all to myself again. it was just me and my motivation and i had it in spades. before the boy left in the morning, he helped me move some heavy stuff into my storage space in the basement and that started my home improvement frenzy. i made a curtain for one of my exposed closet doors out of a great 1970's graphic fabric (ie. an old bedsheet) and it looks amazing. i also hauled out a peice of furniture that i had hidden away in one of my closets and gave it new life as a bookshelf/scanner holder thingy. it works wonders. i also organized my overflowing bookshelf, set out all of my new plants in pretty hand-painted pots and hung up a new shelf above my computer. i then made the most amazing curry and watched a great local documentary on the passionate eye. then after a day of procrastination (yes, all of this hustle and bustle was just the right amount of diversion to ignore the real matter at hand...), i sat down at my computer and finished the cbc project. finally. it was a pretty fulfilling day.

today i have a lot of stuff to do, including buying a plane ticket to toronto where i'll be back working at the BigAdAgency. i also will try to update my zine site with new music reviews and start baking something sweet for tonight's stitch n' bitch. yes, i will most definitely learn how to knit.

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