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November 15, 2002 - 1:23 pm

i'm not working today. i am not feeling well. but this will pass. i had to go to the walk-in clinic where i had to wait over two hours to see a doctor!! it was pretty frustrating. luckily i had the boy with me and we played countless games of tic tac toe, s.o.s., hangman and some other pen and paper game from his childhood. kyla came over later to work on her buisness cards, but i was so out of it i just lay on my bed watching last week's episode of sex and the city. i was pretty much passed out by the time she left.

i just woke up. yes, after one pm in the afternooon. it's the meds and not due to laziness, i can promise you that. i have a lot to do today. i have to finish my application for the cbc's 'young creatives' project. me? a young canadian creative? ha. yes, it really is quite funny. canada must really be getting desperate. i so did not want to do this and purposely missed last weeks deadline, but they contacted me again saying that i could have an extended deadline. i have until monday now to answer a few embarrassing questions about being "young" and "creative" and "canadian" (sample question: Do you have any advice or thoughts for other young up+coming creative Canadians?) and put together a .gif version of my portfolio. the only thing that motivated me to actually fill out this project was the hopes of getting a job at the cbc. yes, once again, it's all about me.

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