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November 12, 2002 - 10:27 pm

i should be outside taking a nighttime walk. i should be cleaning my apartment from top to bottom. instead, i made dinner, re-designed this site, did dishes, watched buffy on tv....all while popping yummy all-amercian "almond joy bites" in my mouth. yes, i am feeling lazy with a capital L.

after work tonight, the boy came to pick me up. it was a total surprise and i clung tightly to his skinny lil' chest. it felt all "working poor couple"...me in my receptionist uniform (ie. skirt and button-down shirt) and him in his bicycle messenger uniform. we would have made a nice poster. i slap myself constantly. yes, i am so in love and it makes me crazy. crazy, i say!! and because of that, i've got to start dancing again to my 'ol favorite. mmmm.

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