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November 13, 2002 - 12:42 pm

i am at day two of my yaletown reception digs and i am slowly becoming bored. yes, i can't just surf and email all day. it is boring. yes, it just is. once you catch up on all your email, played numerous games of solitaire and read your favorite diaries, there just isn't much left to do. i do have a deck of cards in my bag and i am tempted to play a real live game right here on the reception desk...just to shake things up a little. it's time to get real!

being a temp is a strange thing. you can see an exact end to the job which is an extremely attractive quality to find at most workplaces. also, you are treated almost like an invisible piece of furniture. i count this as a good thing too. i don't want to hear lame chit-chat about someone's cat or about their commute to work. i just want to smile and be polite and do my job and in turn, that is how i like to be responded to. it's a nice situation. but probably the best thing about being a temp is that i don't have to kiss ass or go out of my way to seem like a productive employee. like i said, i am like furniture, i have a purpose and that is all. don't expect more. probably the only bad thing about temping is that you have to temp in the first place. it would be pretty great if i could be a designer full time, but i can't -- at least not right now. so i temp inbetween jobs. it's easy and i only work when i have to. all in all, i don't really have that much to complain about.

[bonus section*]: as i am sitting in front of my computer with not much to do, i have decided to compile a little list of various facts and figures of things that you may or may not know about me. isn't that exciting? yes, i dare say it is.

(a) i hate and have always hated the combination of peanut butter and jam/jelly. once in kindergarten i left my friend's house in disgust as her mother had set up a lunch involving peanut butter and jam sandwiches. gross!

(b) i have worn glasses since i was in grade eight and got contacts in grade ten. i have never been called 'four-eyes' (at least, not to my face). depending upon the day i will choose to wear my glasses over my contacts. my glasses are old and pure vintage cat-eyes from the 1950's. i really want new ones but can't afford it.

(c) last year my friend kyla had told me about diaryland and i signed up on a whim. i chose my "handle" because i had that cub song stuck in my head and not cuz that's my favorite song or anything.

(d) the most common google for this diary is "vancouver kiddie stroll". perverts! the other day i got a google for "sexy skirt". ooh la la!!

(e) today's most uttered phrase: "would you like to leave a voice mail?"

(f) the line that cracks me up in the movie rushmore: "o.r. they?" hahaha. no one else finds that line so funny...

(g) the boy that i lovelovelove has been my close friend for about a year and i've known him for at least 2 years prior. i've never loved someone before who started out as a friend. i think it's a good thing!

(h) it scares me in a very good way that me and the boy have so much in common.

(i) it scares me more (also in a very good way) that i can imagine a future with him).

(j) right now i am wearing: navy ribbed tights, rocketdog suede shoes, navy cord skirt that last week used to be a pair of pants, striped button-down shirt with 3/4 length sleeves, black sweater shell vesty thing. i scream "temporary receptionist". well, maybe.

(k) i had a starbucks peppermint mocha this morning. yummy!

i really could just go on and on with this list, but i'm sure you'd get bored. i am.

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