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November 12, 2002 - 12:21 pm

i am currently at my new temp job. this week i am a receptionist at a software company in yaletown. how may i direct your call?

this past long weekend was filled with much hustle (the dancing kind) and just the right amount of bustle. friday i went to see the matinee showing of 'punch drunk love' with the boy. he loved it and i liked it much less. i didn't feel like i was watching a very coherent movie. there were lots of beautiful elements (great framing and nice shots), but it lacked any sort of coherent feeling. oh well. i enjoyed watching adam sandler and i think i will now always dream in silohettes. afterwards, i met kyla and we walked in the pouring rain to COPE election hq where randy was playing dejay. with beer available by donation (best .08 cent beer ever!), we got mighty drunk and danced up a storm to more than our share of eighties hit singles. it was funfunfun!!! saturday me and the boy ran errands and we wandered over to the westside. i sold a lot of promo ceedees and decided to get back cash instead of credit. there wasn't a single thing i could think of wanting to buy, and the $70 back felt pretty nice in my wallet. we ate burgers out and decided to go back home and watch rushmore and get all 'hopped up'.

but sunday was adventure day. kyla, randy and me crossed over the border and into the U.S. of A. our first stop was the value village in bellingham where i stocked up on jeans (2 pairs), a cardigan (navy blue), a cute summer skirt with embroidery and a winter coat. taco bell was emminent on our list and we found one in mount vernon, just inches away from another value village! after eating those yummy chalupas, i was able to score some knitting needles and another pair of pants. shopping in the states always makes me pretty excited. but the trip wasn't over yet...

our main goal was to see our friends piano play in anacortes who were opening up for songs:ohia. the venue was an old fire department ('the department of safety') converted into a live music venue/gallery/hostel. it was pretty sweet. our first stop in anacortes was beer and we were so thankful to be able to buy alcohol at the nearby safeway. ah, the joys of america! we drank up in the hostel area as drinking was not permitted in the venue. we headed down once piano started playing and witnessed an incredible show. becca, our seattle chica, showed up too and after songs:ohia played, we got all good and drunk some more. we hung out and played pool (badly) and drank and chatted with new people and old friends. it was a pretty amazing time. randy drove us back into ol' canada and i finally hit my sheets after 4 am.

yesterday, i spent most of the day in bed with the boy. it was pretty great. nuff said.

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