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November 08, 2002 - 10:49 am

yesterday i was such a lame-ass. i did nothing. i think i was just a bit hungover to ruin any productive or motivating thoughts. the best i could do in the middle of the afternoon was watch tape three of the sopranos and eat cheezies. not a pretty picture at all.

later things improved. i did 2 loads of laundry, did dishes and cleaned up my apartment. i also went over to kristen's house and sewed up some curtains that i had bought at the hadassa bazaar a couple of days ago. they now are hanging in my kitchen and are simply perfect. they are a 1960's pattern that resembles chinese lanterns. very pretty. i also sewed up and hemmed a pair of blue cords into a lovely below-the-knee skirt that i will wear today to run my errands. yes, all i really want is a sewing machine! it would make me feel like a real modern woman and not like i'm stuck in the backwoods of walnut grove with laura ingalls wilder. sigh.

today is a better day and i still haven't even had my morning coffee! i guess it's because i have plans and plans = motivation in my book. i have to return the piece of shit cd burner i bought last weekend which will put $250 back in my empty pocket. then i will go and buy trim for another sewing project and perhaps find the perfect trim to add to my kitchen curtains. i also will finally see a late matinee showing of 'punch drunk love' with the boy. and of course, there are always my friday night activities with the girls and randy. yes, today is a much better day!

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