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November 07, 2002 - 11:54 am

last night i witnessed one of the greatest rock events to hit vancouver in some time. yes, the almighty ian sevonius (nee the make up) hit town last night with his new band the scene creamers. yes, they were fucking amazing. yes, he is indeed the sexiest man in rock n' roll. and yes, beck stole all of ian's moves. HOTT. i went with kyla, the boy and we shaked and shimmied and still could not keep up with the wonder of ian sevonius himself. he kept jumping off the stage and wandered the crowd and ian looked deep into my eyes....his face a percarious 2 inches from my my own....and it just felt too intitimate (in a HOTT with a stranger kind of way). he sang a lovely song about nafta (!yes he did!) called 'housework for free' and then he changed my life with the song 'wham'. WH.A.M is an acronym for "What About Me". kyla and i laughed hard over that one. i can see one-person chapters of WHAM starting up all over the country.

so i woke up late this morning with a pounding head and felt pretty good. not only was i subject to a great rock show last night, but i feel pretty accomplished too. the reason i have been absent for the past couple days here was that i have been working hard finishing up the website for the BL!!C. yesterday as we were about to go live, i got a message from the client saying that some of the programming had gone awry, so i was left alone (cornelius being off at work) to fix the mess. and i did it all by myself! phew. the site is now up and running and last night we even got an email from someone who saw the site and wants a quote for a website of her own! how great is that? maybe one day soon i'll be able to call off temping for good. i sure hope so. so last night the boy made me a salmon dinner and we drank lots of wine and ate lots of good vegetables and off to rock we went.

in other news of the vain variety: i need my hair fucking cut and coloured. the last time i went in to get coloured, it was going to take longer than i had to spare, so i declined the colour and just went for a hair cut. so now it's been ages since i've dyed my hair and my roots are more than just slightly visible. and my haircut that seemed to look so lovely as i stepped out the door of the salon began to look like shit the next day. so yes, i need my haircut and i want my old stylist back.

song that is spinning around my record player: "make up is lies", the make up. yeah.

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