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November 04, 2002 - 11:54 am

it's about time to end the wallowing. yes, i am still broken up over my computer crash. no, my computer hasn't completely recovered. it's pretty fucked up and i'll have to reformat my hard drive this week in the hopes of making it great again. i will return the cd burner that i got on saturday and live the burnerless lifestyle that i've been accustomed to. my files cannot be saved. my computer isn't recognizing the files that i've burned and can live with that. i'm starting anew.

+my boy and his gigantic arms. they are more comforting than any sweater.
+toast with butter and sour cherry jam.
+seeing a good show. this weekend it was john rae. he is a local performer who just gets very excited when playing. he makes faces, he jumps around, he dances. he is a joy to watch and he makes me very happy. his record is good too.
+drunken talks with girls that i don't really know very well but get along with anyway.
+the anticipation of going somewhere else. next weekend's destination: anacortez on the san juan islands. yay!

+of my fridge: 4 kinds of mustard, britta water filter, 1 jar of pickles, 1 jar of hosin sauce, celery, 2 limes, 4 lemons, 1 granny smith apple, parmesan cheese, old cheddar, 'the grainful bread' from the uprising bakery, sour cherry jam, black currant jam, 1 onion, 1 green pepper, 1 broccoli bunch, 8 free range eggs, vanilla-raspberry yoghurt, sun dried tomatoes, artichoke hearts.
+of my bag: red toque, japanese stationary, deck of playing cards, wallet, nyc rollon strawberry lipgloss, mac lipstick in spirit, mac lipstick in wuss, keys to boy's apartment, keys to my apartment, bike lock key, almay pressed powder in light, 1 o.b. tampon in regular, 2 black ink pens, 1 boarding pass (vancouver-toronto) for tango airlines.

+word freak by stefan fatsis
+an invisible sign of my own by aimee bender
+the duncan hines dessert book, by duncan hines

+yesterday i didn't leave my apartment.
+i can do a lot of things i've never done before, ie. like reinstall my hard drive and reformat my computer.
+i really cannot get enough of john darnielle.
+despite many insecurities, i am pretty happy.

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