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November 03, 2002 - 10:37 am

*warning: boring entry*

whoever said that macs don't crash lied. friday night, i turned on my computer to get only a blinking happy face alternating with a question mark. my hard drive could not be found. saturday morning i spent fifty bux to have a guy come into my apartment and run some disc warrior programs on my lil' g4 and restore my ol' friend. i went out and bought a cd burner to make backups of all my work and software. that cost me two hundred and fifty dollars. unfortunately, my back up plan didn't work and the disc shot out of the burner in the middle of the burning process. yesterday was the day from hell.

i decided to keep my computer on all day and night cuz i didn't want to shut down and have it crash, but when i woke up this morning with a bad hangover (that story later), my monitor was on stand-by and i couldn't get it back up no matter what. so i restarted my computer with my fingers crossed and yes, now everything seems to be okay. i'll try again burning my stuff and see what happens. fuck. a faulty computer really fucks with my life. i never knew exactly how dependant i was on this thing! i guess now i'll have to find a copy of norton antivirus for macs or disc warrior (anyone have a copy they can lend me??)

wish me luck.

(a more exciting entry will follow some time later. this new and exciting story will include alchohol, silliness, rock n' roll music, love, hot boys, and general good times. i promise.)

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