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November 01, 2002 - 11:42 am

i was so likety-split on my 2 day temp job that i got everything completed in just one day. bad news: no 2 day paycheque. good news: sleeping in and getting today off. i think it's a good trade-off. yesterday's job was working at a bio-medical company that does clinical trials for pharmaseutical companies (ie. the devil). everyone who worked there was over-reachingly friendly and way too kind. there was a potluck dinner at lunch and lots of candy and cookies to snack on all day. i even received some halloween party invites! but my work was creating forms and questionnaries for people with irritable bowel syndrome. needless to say, i have never typed out the phrase "bowel problems" so many damn times. i even had to type out a depression/anxiety survey where i self-diagnosed as i went along (in the past month have you felt "blue"? yes!!) oh, the fun of a temp!! my other glamourous occupation -- the freelance designer job -- has been delayed for 2 extra weeks which means that i won't be going to toronto until november 25 and that my work will be cut from 1 month to 2 weeks. oi! so that means more temping and way less money. sigh, the life of a itinnerant worker.

last night i had such big plans for halloween, but i managed to complete only half of them. i rode home from my job just in time for the halloween festivities to really start up. fireworks, which are a staple in vancouver on halloween, are weilded by 10-12 year old boys who shoot roman candles at each other across busy streets. young boys and explosives....great fun! i arrived safely home and made it to kyla's for dinner with my uncarved pumpkin in hand. i carved it up quick and we huddled by the fire eating the salty roasted seeds and drinking a lot of beer. kyla made an impromptu butternut squash soup that would make martha stewart proud and randy, patsy and kyla would open the door to all the neighbourhood kids (i stay away from that kind of activity as i don't have the inborn gumption to coo over children's costumes and make small talk). i just drank beer. so much beer in fact that i started feeling oh-so sleepy and headed home at 9:45 to head out to another party. ha! with my costume all laid out, i just called the boy and told him i was too drunk and tired to make it to one more party. he came over and we watched 'the magnificent ambersons' until we fell fast asleep. the smoke from all the fireworks outside my window tickled our noses as we slept. ah, the festivities.

i must also update on the meeting of the parents. yes, things went fine. they are very nice people and i did bring a good bottle of red wine in the end. we ate dinner and i marvelled at the childhood home of the boy. before he and his parents moved into it at the swinging heart of the 1970's, their little bungalow was a bordello. yes, an actual whorehouse. the boy said that when they moved in there were bedrooms where their never should be bedrooms and everything was all done up in red shag carpeting and shiny gold and black wallpaper. well, most of the shag and wallpaper is now gone, but their home is still is a 1970's playground. swag lamps, a white vinyl bar, shag carpeting , crazy wallpaper and an avocado vinyl breakfast 'nook' are vestiges to another era. i even got a peek at the boy's old bedroom and posters and cut out pictures still adorn his walls! it was pretty funny. it was a pretty good evening actually and i hoped that his parents did like me!! we'll soon see......

my bit: you be illin'. peace.

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