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October 30, 2002 - 2:37 pm

tommorrow i start a 2 day temp job, so my precious time to myself for this week is nearing its end. i did a lot this week. sort of. i painted a huge graphic print on the wall near my bed and it looks pretty fantastic. i've also painted some more graphic prints on furniture and i'm just finishing up with the verathene coats as i'm typing this up. i've also enjoyed the return on the sunshine and have been taking full advantage with extremely long walks with woolen knee socks, skirts, cute coats and striped scarves. i could be making better use of my time, however. i could have been planning art projects and short videos rather than having the idea just float through my head like a song lyric. i am being lazy but not lazy enough just to stay in bed and mope. i was the right kind of lazy this week: i was selfish. fun and "surface production" were my goals. and i met these goals tenfold. let the real world of work hit me tommorrow.

tonight i will meet my boyfriend's parents. i am a bit nervous, but i am certain things will go fine. i will bring a bottle of wine and i will smile and offer to help with the dishes and try to be as charming as i can. his parents are writers and photographers and seem interesting and creative. i can only hope for the best.

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