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October 29, 2002 - 10:35 pm

tommorrow i will be meeting the boy's parents for dinner. yes, i am scared shitless. i asked the boy if i should bring something, but he doesn't think so. my good manners, however, dictate otherwise. but what to bring...wine? ...homemade baked goods? what oh what do i bring? this is where your suggestions come in handy (and yes, this is a desperate cry for help). please, please, please, give me some ideas as to what to bring to meet the boy's parents!!! i'm scared enough over already wondering if they'll look at me with scorn as the harlot who is bedding down with their only child. i need to make a good impression with baked goods or alcohol as i don't think i can win them over with sarcasm or flirting.

it was easy to win over my ex-boyfriends parents. they were extraordinarily wonderful and they also lived an 8 hour drive away. they loved me and still do. just last week i received a call from his mom and that is not a rare occurance. they always thought of me as their daughter and they really did want me as part of their family. oh well, it all worked out in the end: i have a better boyfriend and doting "parents" that think their son was insane for ever breaking up with me. it's a pretty sweet deal.

but back to the urgent matter at hand: HELP ME PLEASE!

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