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October 28, 2002 - 12:21 pm

last night i celebrated the fact that i was no longer sick. after a day at the library with kyla, we decided upon a little impromptu dinner party to ressurect the friday four. it's been a long while since all of us have gotten together, so it was more than time! we decided upon a meatloaf dinner with all the fixin's and tapioca pudding for desert. yes, it's the season of coziness and comfort. so, kyla, patsy and randy all came over and we made dinner, chatted, listened to music (thanks to randy's well-missed tape-making skillz) and watched martha, jamie and nigella. yes, we were lazy asses and we loved every second of it.


it's a good day, but any day is a good day when you are being productive for yourself. this morning i decided to get down to cracking open the illustrator book and learning a couple of tutorials. it's so crazy, but i'm terribly frightened of new things...software in particular. that was the worst part of school for me. learning a new computer language was okay....javascript, html, bring it on! it seemed rational and not very scary, but software was always a different kettle of fish. it's a completely irrational fear. i'm not going to break anything or get stuck somewhere (as apple-z is my favorite friend), but there's fear nonetheless. so i felt pretty good going through the first 2 chapters and getting to know all about the world of vector art.

i've also run some much needed errands and i'll be heading to the post office to post a long-awaited package filled to the brim to this lovely lady. and later today, i will head to the printers to print up more copies of my zine. i'm completely out once again and i want to have enough copies to drop more copies off around town and into pages bookstore when i'm in toronto. i even will attempt to turn some pants into skirts through the magic of sewing! phew, i love getting work done for myself. watch out!! i'm a girl on the go!

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