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October 27, 2002 - 9:40 am

my cleaning frenzy ended in a pile of sore muscles and complaints. i got lazy on thursday, sick on friday, stayed sick yesterday and feel generally okay today. phew. glad the worst is over.

after staying in bed and aching all day friday, i wasn't going to let a little setback keep me down. yesterday i went with the boy to west broadway where we went in search of the best bagels at the best jewish deli in the city. we also looked around used book stores and ate lunch at the best little 1930's diner. we shared a chocolate malted and a cherry lime soda (so pretty!) and had burgers and the best fries ever. it was a great day. because i was sick and because it was so freaking cold out, i wore my favorite winter coat (a blue toggle) and a long mohair scarf. it felt good to be wrapped up so warmly in my coat and in the boys arms. after our excursion, we headed back to my place where we ended the night playing trivial pursuit and eating popcorn. life is pretty sweet sometimes.

i bought 'classroom in a book' for illustrator yesterday. i've got to learn this *#!@! program. now. if anyone knows of any good learning sites, let me know. i need to know this skill badly. wish me luck, vector-style.

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