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October 24, 2002 - 10:05 am

so my latent lesbianism hit strong last night. i saw the organ at the pic pub and could not get katie's striking jawline and voice out of my head. she is stunning and stunningly androgynous. check out the site and pictures. wow. and the music was pretty great too. the first band up was a band called "channels two and three" and they kicked ass with their crazy shennannigans. their last "song" was an interpretive dance number, where they shouted "add n to x" and played that bands music on a boombox and danced around stage. i loved them! the organ followed with their 80s get-up, complete with skinny leather ties. i wasn't that keen on portland's 'glass candy'. too 80s metalheadz.

it was strange being at the pic on such an emo night. such well dressed and coiffed kids and so young. but that was the fun part. i was with kyla and we didn't care about anything. we sang outloud to the 80s tracks that played between songs realizing that we were probably the only ones in the room who remembered when these songs were actually on the radio the first time around. it was a fun night. we rode our bikes back home in the fog and sang songs from the sound of music loudly down the bike route. yes, we are such gaytards.

keeping the good looks strong, here's donovan's i love my shirt.

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