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October 22, 2002 - 10:05 am

want to know why i didn't write about my weekend sooner? well, that's cuz this weekend was completely uneventful. actually, that's not completely true. saturday was great. the rest, not so much. but 'not so much' in the way of sleeping early, taking naps and watching bad movies. but let's talk saturday, shall we? the one day of my weekend where i felt like i had something to offer and was active and exciting.

saturday. the boy and i woke up unusually early (yes, that's cuz i went to bed at 10:30 friday night. yes, friday night) and we made a yummy eggy breakfast. we then got on our bikes and poked along shops around commercial drive. i spotted a garage sale where i purchased a loverly mint green poka-dot fireking bowl for ten cents. the day was only going to get better from here, i could feel it.

we then rode into strathcona (where the boy lives) and we wandered around and spotted another garage sale. this one was in someone's apartment just off hastings street. i was curious but slightly scared of heading into someones apartment in a sketchy part of town, but curiousity won out and was paid in full. first off, the apartment itself was cute-cute-cute and the rent is damn cheap (it's available for $400/month if anyone is interested) and the girl living there is a cutiepie burlesque dancer who had great stuff for sale. i bought 10 records (dusty springfield, a barbara xmas record, dolly parton, the supremes, a 60's hits record, and more!), a very kitchy 1950's red velvet xmas decoration banner, some melmac peices, a tacky tiger print and a red striped turtleneck top. the grand total for all of my purchases? six dollars. i was on a roll.

next stop was a little thift on hastings. i found 2 great 1950's white vinyl kitchen chairs in close to mint condition with a two dollar price tag. when i brought them up to pay, the woman said the tags must have been switched. the actual price was six dollars per chair. and tho in actuality, six dollars per chair is more than reasonable, i was still stuck on the $2 price tag and declined the offer. and i am still not kicking myself today. we then headed into chinatown and into a crazy store that is the boy's favorite. it's filled with the craziest shit ever! so i bought lots of stuff to give away as christmas presents. then it was time for a chinese food dinner at hon's and then we rode our bikes back to my place and watched a movie. yup, a pretty good day if i do say so myself.

after that day of utter enjoyment and contentment, i have resolved myself to nothing but hard work and determination. yes, back to cleaning my apartment. i've only done a portion of my cleaning but already my apartment looks pretty great. more spacious and bright and there's lots more room to slide around the hardwood floors. i've got more cleaning to do today and i've also got to start going through my closets and getting rid of all the stuff i don't wear anymore. i've only got a small bachelor apartment and my closet space is limited and it's already a bitch to get new things into the small cramped space that calls itself a closet. yesterday i even picked up some paint from kristen to paint even more squares on my walls. yes, i'm going to get this little apartment ship-shape for autumn!

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