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October 18, 2002 - 6:24 pm

i'm tired. after a good two days of doing work for myself (screenprinting and website creation), i found myself temping again for the past 2 days with 2 different companies. yikes! yesterday's company was pretty laid back...i just answered phones for a high-tech company and surfed the net. i also engaged more than a few exciting games of solitare, rekindling my pc love. today's job sucked hard. again, i manned the phones but this time it was for a freight company whose offices were right out of the middle ages. no solitare and no surfing. just one call after another, with a few reading breaks in between. it was boring as hell. thankfully, it was only for today.

my weekend is also shaping out to be fun, fun, fun. actually, i'm excited about it. i will completely overhaul my apartment. i will clean it end to end and top to bottom. i will clean out my closets and pass off old items to friends and the dumpster out back. i will do laundry and go grocery shopping. and i will even paint my walls. don't think i can go whole hog and retreat into the coziness of my apartment? well, i don't know if i can do it either, but i'll try really hard. i want to make my house a home and i want it to make me happy when i come home from work or a trip. i want it to feel like autumn.

on a strange side note: i got my cheque from the BigAdAgency today. it's a nice healthy sized cheque for one week of work. the downside is that the government took off $750 dollars in taxes!!!! yup! but because i didn't work very much this year, i'll get it all back when i do my taxes next year, it still is a bit of a pisser.

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