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October 16, 2002 - 9:32 pm

i just saw the most kick ass in yer face girl movie ever. yes, i just saw blue crush. wow. when the movie first came out i knew i had to see it....a total guilty pleasure kind of thing. surfing movies have always had a bit of a hold over me (as do boxing, action and teen movies) and the ads looked pretty good. this week i noticed it was playing at the rep theater down the street, so kyla and i eagerly went looking for a bit of trashy entertainment. well, it was entertaining and more. it's the kind of movie that i think all girls should see. i can't remember when i last saw a movie with such real-life girl bonding and yes, girl power. the bond between the girls was very real and their lives weren't all big-titted and glamourous. not the beach bunny movie the ads suggested. go see blue crush.

blue crush sparked a bit of a discussion and kyla and i seriously talked about projects that we have been thinking about for a long time. first off, its so important to have a girl community and girl bonding, so we will plan on having a stitch and bitch at the end of this month. we also talked about various art projects that we've been throwing around in our heads for months and even discussed with some certainty a next summer work/holiday project. it's very exciting! who knew blue crush could spawn some active conversation about art and life and growing up and getting your shit together.

now if only i had a grape crush. mmmmm.

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