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October 15, 2002 - 9:51 am

so after a weekend of total debauchery, it's about time i really did some serious work. i'll describe the work later. now comes the debauchery. (okay, it's not really worthy of the title...)

sunday the boy and i went to a small little touristy fishing village outside of vancouver-proper and enjoyed a lovely day of shopping and eating fish and chips on the boardwalk. we shopped at a little british shoppe where i bought a lot of chocolate bars i seem to remember eating as a child. they had names like "lunch bar" and "picnic" and tasted just like i think they did. i also bought treacle toffee and some kind of blackberry pop called (i think) "vinto". the boy, who also stocked up on strange candies and a burdock root & dandilion soda also decided to buy an entire salmon -- head and all -- for a mere five dollars from a fishing boat. the salmon was huge and very scary looking and very, very heavy. well over 20 lbs for the fishy fish. on our way back home, we stopped off at a pumpkin patch and bought some pumpkins and played with the bunny rabbits that hopped around everywhere. it was a pretty great day.

monday was a holiday and i woke up with recipes and ideas. i cooked all day in preparation of a yummy meal at kyla's house. i made some scalloped potatoes, brussle sprouts and candied yams. it was very thanksgiving-y. kyla had made a pork roast and 2 kinds of pie while dan made the best mac and cheese ever (yes, it's martha's recipe). cornelius even made a delicious spinach and blackberry salad (which he made under my watchful eye as i am a tyrant in the kitchen). we ate and ate until we were stuffed. and then we ate some pie. mmmmm. it was too good! ah, debauchery.

this morning i woke up with my belly still full. i called the gov't regarding their job offer as they had left me a message on friday which i chose not to return immediately. they wanted me to start asap, but i asked if i could postpone my civil-servantude until the new year. they said that because i am "number one" on their list (yes, i am very smart) they will call me first for any job positions! so it looks like i have no worries in the short term. hooray! i will also be heading back to toronto to work at the BigAdAgency in mid-november until mid-december. so my money problems are officially over. i am so glad.

so i spend the morning screen-printing more covers for my zine. i printed almost 200 of the damn things and enjoyed the factory-like work of it all. i was a one-girl industry with hands messy from all the inks. that part was fun. pulling the ink through the screen and playing with the colours and patterns. now, is the hard work. cleaning the screens. it's fucking hard to remove screen filler from the screens. i am using a power washer and elbow grease and some extra heavy duty cleaner and things are still going slowly. the cleaning part takes longer than the printing part. i'm getting tired here! oi. but, i am enjoying this work as it is my own. soon i'll be able to play in the sun.

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