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October 13, 2002 - 8:55 am

this jet-lag thing is a real pain in the ass. i'm punch-drunk tired by 11pm -- so tired in fact that complete sentences become such a challenge and monosyllabic mutterings become my main form of communication. it's sad and depressing. i then awake in utter darkness at 6am ready for living. it's simply pathetic. i can't handle much more of this!

friday night i rode my bike down to science world to meet up with kyla. we rode up to the whip for dinner and beers and had many great conversations. after almost 2 weeks away spending intimate time with my computer and my family, great conversations were sorely missed! it was loads of fun. kyla then headed off to her girls' night. i was invited along, but i knew i couldn't stick out the night. i rode home alone and met up with the boy for a movie. gangster no. 1. it was a strange seeing someone trying to look like malcom mcdowell from those old lindsay anderson movies and there was an actress who was there simply cuz she looked just like julie christie. it wasn't a bad movie at all and there were lots of really great looking shots, but it was just strange seeing a made up throw-back. after it was over, it was nearing 11pm and i was once again rendered an incoherant gaytard.

saturday i met up with kyla again and we went thrifting in surrey. we made the rounds of the mennonite thrift and value village. i was reserved and didn't spend much or come home with enormous bags. it was good. cunt was playing later that night at the sugar refinery, but i didn't think i could make it being the sleep baby that i have currently turned into. the boy picked me up and we drove around and explored far-off neighbourhoods and drank strong coffee to try to keep me awake. it was my plan to try to be at the sugar by 11pm. needless to say, my 8pm coffee binge was useless and i was once again rendered completely moronic as the clock struck 11pm. i have become the biggest loser. and so when 6am struck, i was wide awake and actively planning my thanksgiving shopping lists and deciding upon recipes. yes, i am insane.

i just read this diary's entry about canada. yes, canada is the shit. i watched the osbornes for the first time (as it just got picked up on one of the national television stations) and they don't bleep out the swear words. i guess mtv bleeps out all the fucks and shits and fuck-alls. not in canada. yup, this lil' country ain't so bad at all. and just cuz i'm feeling so canada friendly, listen to my mostest favorite mountain goats song that mentions canada. new star song. it's fucking great.

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