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October 10, 2002 - 8:41 pm

i'm back in my own home and i couldn't be happier about it. actually, that is overstating it a bit. when i got home i immediately checked my phone messages and there was only one godammed phone message. okay, granted i did check my messages from my parent's home and yes, i did get messages, but i want more. i want my loving friends to encircle me with their bosomy good words of love and friendship, welcoming me back with open arms and hearts. yes, i want it all dammit! so i was a bit sad that i was the one who had to call out to people and let them know that i was back from the big ol' big city. i also had to leave messages for those who weren't home and hope for call-backs later. but that's okay, i'm still under the (d)illusion that i have lots of friends. no, really. i did get picked up from the airport by the boy, so that is a first and it made me very happy to be greeted with a kiss and flowers on vancouver soil.

one lovely thing about being away is getting home to a full-beyond-full mailbox. yippeee! mail is the most fun of all. the boy sent me post messages to greet me when i got home (awwwww) and i got a great, great card from my most favorite lady in s.f. (you know who you are!). i also got practical things like a tax rebate cheque and a cheque from the temp agency for my work that i did before i left for toronto. but the biggest surprise was a letter from the government saying that i was number one on their list for the lucrative government job i applied to in the summer, which means i kicked ass on all the testing and interviewing. whooo! things aren't so bleak after all!

i just got back from a yummy thai dinner that my bestest friend meesoo treated me to. we chatted over beers and spicy snapper about all of my toronto adventures working for a huge corporate client and all the crazy stuff that has been going on with his life. it felt good being in a familiar restaurant in a familiar neighbourhood with a close friend again. and i guess that's part of the excitement of going away....feeling at home once again. i don't know if i will stay in vancouver or if i will end up moving to toronto. i love vancouver so much and all of my friends are here and i really do consider it home, but there are things that just compete with toronto. i guess i have some decision making to work through and some thoughts to process. but not right now. the sleepiness brought on by my jet-lag and 2 beers is quickly winning over any sort of productive activity. sleep wins again.

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