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October 07, 2002 - 7:07 am

i had saturday off and spent the day with my gorgeous hosts strolling around the downtown and shopping (i bought 1 cardigan). it was lovely. sunday found me back at 20 Bay street working on colour palettes and buttons. i will go in to work again this morning, but i think (finally!) that it will be my last day until i return again in november. if that is indeed so, my little brother will come and pick me up and take me to visit my parents. this scares the bejeezus out of me, actually.

on saturday night, i called my mom to let her know of my plans for a visit and it turned into the kind of conversation i usually have with my mom. the kind of conversation that i truely, truely hate. it's the on going one where my mom treats me like i'm a child. don't most mothers do this? i won't go into details, but i know the rest of my visit will be painful. this is why i moved to vancouver in the first place, really. but it is only for a few days and as soon as i find a cheap flight out, i'm gone.

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