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October 04, 2002 - 11:25 am

ah, the life of a freelancer. i worked like fuck for my first 4 days and now, as there is re-structuring to do on the site and on the design, i just am sitting here waiting for work. yes, that means, i am waiting here waiting to get paid. no work = no pay. but i can't just leave the building in case they need me and they probably will...later this afternoon. oh well, i've spent the morning emailing friends and catching up on all of my favorite diaries. i'm using this time to play catch-up.

i feel like i should be writing more, but all that i've been through this week is work-related and i don't want to bore the fuck out of you. tonight, if i get out of here at a decent time i will get to meet craig and aaron's (my gracious stylish hosts) friends, as they are hosting a dinner party tonight. it should be fun and i'm eager to get some alcohol into this system!! actually, i hate parties with new people, but since i am sleeping in the living room i'll have to make the most of it. plus, craig and aaron eat well (salmon and other fancy foods), so i am guaranteed good food and expensive wines. i am not one to pass up my nose at the finer things cuz they don't pass by my nose very often!

i don't even know when i'll get to leave here. maybe sunday the job will end? i have no clue. i will have to make a stop to visit my parents and that will come with it's own problems (oi!), but i can't wait to sleep in my own bed in vancouver. i miss you!

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