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October 03, 2002 - 9:07 pm

today was the very first day that i left work early. daylight. i was free at 2pm, as my bosses had to consult with the IT guys and work through all of our designs. so that meant only one thing for me. shoe shopping. i headed down to queen street west in search of the perfect pair. not only did i find one pair, i found approximately nine pairs that i really, truely wanted. the shopping in toronto is incredible and the shoe selection makes me just weak in the knees. who knew i was such a shoe whore. it's true, i am. but i restrained myself and only bought one pair (vans in dark denim with a red stripe and red laces. very cute.) i was also itching for a red pair of pumas with a pink swoosh, but i haven't gotten paid yet and i didn't know how much i could pile on my credit card. the pumas will have to wait.

after some downtown shopping, i headed back to my hood and checked out the value village. purchases = zero. it was smelly and i couldn't find a single thing that wasn't stained or a perfect fit. oh well. as my hosts were away at the opera (yes, they are the most perfect fag boys ever), i decided to use my evening to myself in grand fashion. laundry, dishes (yes, i'm a good guest!) and a relaxing soak in their huge bathtub (compete with pressure jets). mmmmm. i also called in for take-out and watched lots of television. a nice break from the brain-frying agency.

my job is totally hectic and i am under quite a bit of pressure to perform to tight deadlines, but i have to say that this is the best job i've ever had. i'm going to be sad to see it go. it would be great to be on their freelance list and just come in to work for few weeks at a time. a pretty sweet set-up, i think. anyway, i think that is all i want to spend at my computer tonight. i will watch some more t.v. and eat some ben & jerry's and enjoy my time alone.

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