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October 02, 2002 - 1:43 pm

alright, another quick installment. this one titled "how i am making millions and getting away with it!". yes, that's what it feels like. millions not, but to me the money i am making at this job is craaaazzzzy! what i am making in a day could feed a family of four in some typhoon-invaded bankrupt country for a whole year. yes, it's that good (well, to me anyway).

this afternoon i have my first hour off since i started working. phew! the sad thing is, this office is located on the waterfront and is pretty far away from any quick getting shoe bargins. yes, dammit. i want shoes! and i'm not leaving this god-forsaken town without something shiny and new on my tired feet. i will probably end up working all weekend here, as the deliverables for the website must be ready on monday in the a.m. so that means, i will have to stay an extra day in toronto for shoe shopping and value village exploring (there is a v.v. just around the corner from where i am staying!) then i will visit my parents in a neighbouring city before i return home for vancouver.

ahh sweet, sweet vancouver. yes, i miss my boy (oh yes!), my friends (definitely!), my bike and my free time. i'm excited as to what will happen when i go back. i might have a job with a friend of mine doing admin stuff and magazine layout work, but i'm not so sure. i was supposed to start this past week, but i cancelled out due to this job. who knows. but i am excited. things seem to be happening and that's pretty sweet for once. oh yes!

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