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September 29, 2002 - 3:24 pm

well, i am in toronto and loving the little neighbourhood where i will be stationed for the next week. i am approximately 2 blocks away from degrassi street and the infamous degrassi high. yes, i am in love! this is the greatest little 'hood!! it's funny, cuz i've been to toronto many times as a tourist and spent lots of time on queen west and young streets doing touristy things like shoe shopping, but exploring different neighbourhoods gives me a whole new impression of the city. i love it! it's beautiful! there are amazing store signs from another age and their are buildings with history and dirty brick. vancouver is all new and shiny and lacks any sense of history. i love this place and i can see myself living here. but it's only day one and i haven't even started my job yet...where they will certainly fire me within the week. so who knows.....

but what i know for certain today, life is grand!

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