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September 28, 2002 - 7:18 am

last night i checked my email and received entire design briefs, system architechture and user interface notes from the art director who i'll be working for. apparently i will not be doing grunt work like optimizing images and playing with file types. i will actually be designing stuff and turning "concepts into reality" for a really massive corporate website. this is real work. not kids stuff. i will hold responsiblities and valuable opinions. i will attend meetings and have creative imput. i am scared shitless (but excited too).

actually receiving the design briefs made me feel better as i actually felt like i had some idea why they want me, as opposed to arriving there with no idea what i would be doing. and i feel like this is work i can do and really want to do. it will be fun! i still have no idea why they pursued me for this project, but i will gladly take up the challenge. as i was reading the briefs, it mentioned that the BigCorporateCompany wanted a "feminine" feel to the site and so that is the only reason why i feel they chose me...cuz my stuff is pretty girlie. well, it may not be the only reason, but it was one that i could grasp onto easily.

i think also that i am the only new designer being pulled in at such an early stage. when i was interviewed, the creative director said they will hire 4 designers, but will bring in one designer earlier than november to head things up. i feel like this is a test for me. my friend craig thinks it's crazy that they didn't pay for my flight and because of that he feels that yes, this is definitely some sort of test. a test to see how much i want the job and a week-long test to see that i can actually do the things that exist in my portfolio and to see if i am a good team fit.

so i am up now. it is 7:30 am on a saturday morning and my fingers are feeling sticky on the keyboard. i am nervous. i don't really know what to pack. what do designers in toronto dress like? i hope skirts and kneesocks and jeans are okay cuz that's all i wear. i hope it's not too cold in toronto, as i am so used to the summery weather going on here on the west coast. but i am bringing my mittens just in case!

so wish me luck and i'll try to update as often as i can. so to give me extra special powers, i will get into my magic boots by clinic. ack!!!!

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