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September 26, 2002 - 2:59 pm

well, my flight is booked (yes, i am picking up the tabs on that one) and i'm leaving this town saturday afternoon! whoooo! i'll be gone for one week (and perhaps more). if anyone has any tips on good shoe stores in toronto, let me know.

so in preparation to getting my dream designer job, i have finally gotten my hair "professionally touched". oh, i have missed it!! cornelius cut my hair in july (yikes!) and february or march was the last time it was touched by a stylist. so today i rode my bike into downtown and marched right into a stylish salon and got things done right. head massage with herbal oils. check! minty shampoo and conditioner. check! my wet head in a room full of glamourous strangers. check! and one hour and 15 minutes later, i emerge with layers, chunky bangs and glorious flips. ah, this is the life. and tommorrow i will risk it all by going to a hair school to get it coloured. i will think only positive thoughts and not get worried by the distasterous thoughts of students and chemicals mixing near my fine and newly styled locks.

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