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September 24, 2002 - 5:18 pm

well it certainly looks like life is smiling down on me. my horrible temp job will most likely end tommorrow. my boring temp partner kirk has already been let go and it's up to me to pull up the rear. whooo! i can't wait for it to be done done done. back to not working, but this time taking it as a well deserved break. oh yes, i am looking forward to it. and it also means that i will be able to update this damn diary in more than just bits and bites. data entry drains me and i just don't feel like staring at the computer when i am home. so get ready soon for more boring updates and general verboseness. lucky you. want to read a more detailed version of my weekend, go here to the lovely becca's journal. see how lazy i am?

well, i'm not that lazy. last night kyla came by to do some laundry and we decided to watch a movie and make the bestest chocolate/banana bread ever (recipe thanks to this beautiful lady. we did do some improvising by throwing in cinnamon chipits into the mix. mmmmm. willie nelson would be proud! we also saw "foxes", a 1970's film staring jodie foster, scott baio and that blonde chick from the runaways. it wasn't very good, but it certainly provided us with many laughs and chuckles, not to mention countless useless phrases. okay, try this one: "you shine!" (say it like an insult and in proper foxes ettiquette, the appropriate rebuttal is "no, you shine!"). okay, here's another one: "you wear white shoes!", foxes rebuttal: "appologise!". and my new favorite: "what the shit?!", no rebuttal necesary. and how about those non-sequittors like "once i knew this one-eyed rooster..." and after one rowdy mother-daughter blow-out, the mother yelps, "i hate my hips!". ah, bad movies!!

okay, i guess sensing the end of work i have written more than my hands really wanted to. ow! tonight i will relish my evening alone watching the season premiere of buffy the vampire slayer while i eat my famous fresh spagetti with fresh tomato sauce. mmmmm. i can't wait!

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