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September 22, 2002 - 12:57 pm

phew. what a weekend! i'm tired, lazy and i spent too much money. and right now i'm listening to my guiltiest pleasure, 'by the way' by the red hot chili peppers. shoot me now.

friday, becca came down from the big ol' usa to visit. we drank beers and headed out on our bikes with kyla and patsy to the sugar refinery to catch the radio. becca was borrowing my old-old lime rickey bike on loan from the oliver platt boy. it was a pretty bad bike that went 'ka-chunk, ka-chunk" with every rotation. at the end of the night it was nick-named 'lime crikety'. oh well, drunken bike riding can never be that bad.

the next day, kyla and i showed off our town to miss becca with loads of shopping (at lush and zara and main street local finds) and a lotta eating. we arrived home exhausted and ready for a quick nap. but napping just didn't amount to much as we had to get ready for a "don't be afraid to dress how you feel" party. and as we felt fabulous, that is how we dressed. kyla and becca wore some of my dresses and we were stylish in vintage black cocktail dresses. randy and cornelius joined us in fine style ready to rock the casbah. unfortunately, not many people were dressed up and we didn't know that many people so we cowered on one small balcony drinking lime cordial and vodka till we were tipsy enough to engage in some 'mingling'. to quote kyla when i asked what was in one particular room, she answered 'awkwardness'. oh yes. mingling and me just don't get along. as i tried to find a bathroom down one long hallway a local annoying video artist passed me by and said "haven't i seen you on tv?" (he has seen my movies) and then i became stuck with some other hapless fellow who kept asking if i was an actress. i mumbled something off-putting and left in a hurry to pee. after we had made a mockery of most social graces, we all headed back to my place for a nightcap (yes, a nightcap!) and some chip eating before gladly passing out from exhaustion, too much vodka and sleep.

so today is sunday. i am now a valid working girl (working for the weekend, so to speak) and am trying to soak up every last bit of freedom before i head back to surrey for my dreary data entry job tommorrow. becca has just left for seattle and all i want to do is take a short nap, tidy up my apartment and get groceries for next weeks' lunches. how routine, how boring and how thankful i am.

today's golden gem: golden brown, the stranglers. enjoy.

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