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September 20, 2002 - 6:06 pm

who's that bouncing up and down (most certainly annoying her downstairs neighbours) listening to primal scream at a volume so loud that it could shatter glass? why it's me of course! and why would i be acting so carefree and cuckoo?? maybe cuz it's friday and week one of my horrid job is over. or maybe it is because i have been offered a lovely part time job just blocks away from my house in a lovely progressive business that my friend works at. or maybe it is because my dream glamour job has come true: i have been offered the designer job in toronto from the BigAdAgency!!!! oh yes! i am excited!!!! i don't know all the details yet except for the hourly rate ($35/hr!), the length of the assignment (1 month), the hours (130) and that i am the luckiest girl i know!

this offer couldn't have come at a better time. i have no money in my pocket and i will have to use my credit card to live until i get my puny paycheque from the temp agency. living off my credit card is something i abhor in others but now i find that i will have to do it myself. i will despise myself for the time being, but knowing that come december, i'll be able to pay it off and maybe even make a dent in my student loan payments (along with the purchase of many, many shoes) will make me feel better.

if i was a religious girl, i would get down on my knees and pray, but i am not that girl. instead, i will turn up my primal scream cd just a bit louder and buy a round of drinks for all of my friends, while shouting "we want to get loaded! we want to have a good time!" (a quote from a primal scream song). oh yes. there will be good times ahead.

(private note to self: wow. life is amazing.)

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