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September 19, 2002 - 5:55 pm

i slog through my nightmarish data entry temp job knowing that it will end by next friday. it's rough. transit is bad. my early morning wake up time is bad. my coworkers are bad. the boy in surrey (ie. hell, BC) wearing the t-shirt that reads "real men eat beaver" is bad. (i mean, c'mon, does that guy expect some girl to go, 'hey stud, take me home and show me how its done!'. geez). but there is a glimmer of hope. i got an email from the TorontoBigAdAgencyGuy and he asked if we discussed an hourly rate. i guess this is good, right? my interview was over a week ago and they are planning on making a decision by the end of this week. i sense good things. at least i'm short-listed or something. i don't want to jinx anything! and by the way, the hourly wage is more than i've ever made in my life! actually, it's probably double any wage i've ever made. so keep your fingers crossed!!!!

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