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September 07, 2002 - 9:01 am

remember when i said that things just end up falling into my lap? i certainly wasn't kidding. i guess i've been head-hunted (if that term still exists). that creative director that contacted me the other day is completely on the level and is possibly offering me a job in toronto for one month. i don't know much of the details except that he is looking for 4 designers for a massive project that is coming up and they are interested in me! at first i was very weirded out. yeah, sure, some guy looks at my portfolio site and wants to hire me -- that's just some stupid dream come true. so i checked out the company and they looked very legit (huge clients like GM, the National Post, etc.) and then after i got his second email, i emailed my friend in toronto. this is my friend craig's reply:

"Um, (oh-sweet-pea)?

(insert big-ad-agency-who-wants-me here) is probably the biggest marketing/branding/advertising company working in Toronto, if not Canada. They own a huge building down on Queen's Quay with their name at the top of it in storey-high letters. In fact, they're doing the AGO's campaign for the upcoming Gauguin to Matisse show (the Paradise themed stuff).

You should definitely go for it. I'm not kidding. To put (insert big-ad-agency-who-wants-me here) on your resume is like getting a gold star. If you're concerned about the person specifically, I can ask around at work, but this sounds totally on the level. It's also likely their way of headhunting new talent without having to make a commitment. The big-time advertising agencies do stuff like this all the time. They're a sneaky bunch.

This is exciting! You MUST keep me posted."

okay, so YESYESYES i am very excited. but i don't want to jinx anything. or did i just do that? in other job news, i had an interview at a temp agency yesterday and one of the women who worked there needed a site done up, so i spoke with her and i might get another freelance project too. whooo! my future is so bright i've got to wear shades. hahahahahahaha.

last night being friday and nothing going on in this city except for swarm, a huge artist event where all the art galleries have openings in one night and everyone hob-nobs and drinks glasses of wine on the street while stepping over the homeless. it's a good event....except for the part with all the "haves" decending into the areas of the "have-nots". funny how the well-off can drink on the sidewalk with their glasses of wine, but the drunks with their bottles in paper bags aren't so acceptable. hmmmm. i went last year (last year when kyla was trying to take my mind of the fact that i was a big ball of mess: crying and balling over love gone wrong). i generally hate art openings....they'd be okay if it wasn't for the people. sigh. anyway, randy, kyla and i wanted no part in it this year, so we played trivial pursuit and ate ice-cream sundaes decorated with hershey chocolate syrup, cinnamon chipits (the best thing ever invented!) and salty walnuts. mmmmmm. no wonder my stomach is illin' this morning. ack!

cuz i've got some excitement to get out, there's no better way than to just scream!

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