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September 05, 2002 - 9:41 am

today is day three of my official job search. i'd like to say that it's a rough road (and i know deep down it is), but i'm optimistic and generally foolhardy. i believe that things will turn out a-okay. and things always have. it's a recipe for disaster, but i like it just fine. proof in point: i checked my inbox this morning and i got an email from a creative director from a huge advertising agency saying that he had stumbled across my portfolio looking for designers, liked what he saw and asked if i was looking for work. i did a google search on his name and checked out the company website to see if it was legit (it was). i emailed him back right away! can it be this easy? i don't think so. am i excited? damn right! i haven't heard back yet (geez, i emailed him 20 minutes ago, where is my job offer??!!) anyway, yes, i am excited. it will probably end up badly, but it gives me hope.

in other news, i am still keeping a big secret. i think it's a record. well, actually i did tell meesoo (but he was high on "e" at the time so i'm sure he has forgotten already). it feels weird keeping things to myself. i'm not a big believer in keeping things personal (hence this diary and my oh-so-personal zine). my parents always told me "anything we discuss in this family stays here. don't tell your friends anything". ha! what were they thinking? i blabbed it all. don't get me wrong, if one of my friends tells me something in confidence, that is where it stays. i'm just saying, when it comes to me and my own life, i don't keep things quiet. it's hard. i'm figgiting. i'm smiling and gripped in fear all at once. what am i so afraid of?

here is a song that makes me giddy: love by cinerama. i love david gedge so right now i'm listening to watusi over and over again. mmmm. go man go!

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