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August 30, 2002 - 10:29 am

there is something about cloudy skies and cold weather that really makes me feel like getting my ass in gear. or at least into a pair of cords.

first, i have to thank all the nice people who are writing very nice things in my guestbook. thank you all! to mrs-roboto who wants to send me fruits and vegetables. thank you. yesterday i went to the store and bought myself some yummy vegetables, including some beets. i've never eaten the beet greens, but decided to yesterday and boy oh boy, they were good. kinda like spinach. mmm. thanks also to skypie and ddawg for encouraging words. and i cannot forget the sweet, sweet andrew who actually met me in the real world and who made me smile and go "awwwww" with his cutie-pie comments.

cornelius came by yesterday and helped me fix my bike. i am now ready to ride once again! we also went for dinner and watched the documentary 'time indefinite' by ross mcelwee. it was so good. he also did 'sherman's march' and seeing the movie last night made me feel inspired and anxious to start my own documentary. it also made me feel good about the thought that maybe one day i might want to have a baby of my own. well, that's certainly something to think about for the future. it was a nice evening indeed.

so i don't know what my evenings plans are and i don't really know if i feel like dancing, but here's some desmond dekker to start the weekend off right.

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