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August 26, 2002 - 6:54 pm

fuck all the sad songs. today it's all about the rock.

the past weekend was more than fun. it was funtastically gay. oh me oh my. saturday was kyla's birthday so randy and i showed up at her place at 10 am and showered her with gifts and ate all of her food. it was great. i had made crossants, but she made chocolate waffles with blackberry syrup and whipped cream. then we ate bagels with smoked salmon, red onions, dill cream cheese and capers. orange juice and coffee were also on the breakfast menu. mmmmm.

with our gullets stuffed to the brim we rode our bikes to the pacific national exhibition and proceeded to ride the best wooden roller coaster ever. we also saw the "superdogs" and looked at the largest cow ever in the agricultural pavillion. i had never gone to the pne before and it was much smaller than i had expected especially compared with the toronto-sized canada's wonderland and the trash-fueled cne, but it was a fun afternoon nevertheless.

the night brought on kyla's birthday party which was hella fun. i had made kyla a chocolate cake and decorated it to look like a pink and purple bowling alley complete with bowling ball & pin candles. it was so pretty, if i do say so myself! i drank lots and chatted to all the party goers and couldn't stop even when i realized i was talking that alcohol-fueled drunktalk. i was having fun. i left around 3:30am with cornelius who walked me home. we collapsed on the front lawn of my apartment building and looked at the stars and dozed off for a bit until i got too cold. i told him he could come in and sleep over but for sleeping only. he did. he didn't try to cop a feel or anything, but i fell asleep with his arms around me and i knew it probably wasn't a good thing for him to be doing, but i was too drunk to protest and besides, it did feel nice.

the alarm went off at 8am and cornelius left for work. i stayed in bed until i got a 10am wake-up call from kyla. we had a table reserved at a comic and zine fair and we had to be there by 11am. yeow! i hopped in the shower, gathered my supplies and met kyla on my bike and we rode like haggered old men to main street. we made it on time and had the fortune of sharing a table with amy and marc. i've only talked with them in small doses before but we had the best time being silly and laughing. i love their stuff and i loved that they were so unpretentious and goofy. i usually hate zine fairs because dealing with people looking at my stuff and money transactions makes me nervous. but it went well. not only did i sell a lot of zines, but i met a couple of fans (their words, not mine!!!) and some other interesting people. a very nice time indeed.

today's song is by the deadly snakes. sssssssss. rock on.

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