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August 22, 2002 - 10:17 am

is it really thursday? is this week almost over? what a strange one it has been. i have been motivated and i have been getting things done. in fact, i last night i decided to redo my zine site, so i did it. i was up late and shit, getting it all done. i'm not sure how it looks on a pc, but take a look at let me know! i'm afraid the image will break on a few pages cuz fonts always size up differently on a pc than a mac....so please let me know if there are problems.

today i will also get more zines printed up. i'm completely sold out and there is a zine fair happening this sunday so i've got to be prepared. it's funny reading the latest issue of my zine and feeling so far removed from my own feelings. i read the words that i've written and i find it hard to believe that it was even me saying those things. i guess it's the same with re-reading all the old entries of this diary. funny how life goes. it's funny cuz i was so upset with ryan dumping me and immediately dating a new girl and they have since broken up and now i've just learned that they are back together again. bah! so silly. i don't care anymore and it's a good feeling.

it's also a good feeling to know that i have a job interview with an interesting creative hi-tech company on tuesday! and i just got a call back from the gov't regarding something that i had filled out on my 'release of information' form, so at least i know that i am still being considered for the position. maybe my role-playing and debating skills were better than most. i also have contacted my old bosses and i'm sure they'll give me loving references. in fact, my old boss called me last week just to talk. so i guess all is well. no need to be overly worried anymore. i've also been offered some freelance camera and editing work, but i don't know if i'll take it because i don't have any experience using a cannon xlr (a professional digital video camera). we'll see.

lately, i've just been listening to sad songs that can be found on www.deerandbird.com, but i think i'm feeling better enough to play something happy and just a bit silly. wheeeee!

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