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August 08, 2002 - 11:48 am

i know i can't afford to make it to san francisco, but i woudn't mind a trip somewhere. earlier this week, ted and dan asked me if i wanted to go with them to portland. i said no cuz of money reasons. i mean, who am i, unemployed to be travelling around the northwest so often this summer? but i am really good with money and i still have a lot of savings from my last job and i do have an RRSP that i haven't touched at all (but would for emergencies), and somehow, small money cheques from various unexpected sources (my old job, the cbc, etc) keep landing on my lap. i would be able to make a trip to portland with good friends if i only spent my money on food and drink and stayed somewhere cheap. i'm going to mull over the possibilities this afternoon. oh portland, give me a reason to go!! (and it will not include bad kissing boys!)

okay, i forgot to add today's song. i've listened to this for the past month and i just can't stop. i'm sure all of you hipsters already know what i'm talking about. artstar by the yeah, yeah, yeahs.

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