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August 07, 2002 - 10:43 pm

last night was spent feeling sorry for myself and getting all worked up over loneliness. but it wasn't all my fault. i was feeling a bit down and headed over to kyla's where we proceeded to watch an old movie about lonely people. the ending was horrible and made a case for self-sacrifice and making due. bah! so i instead prepared for better days ahead.

the very first thing i did this morning was apply for a well-paying but life-sucking (or so i imagine) office job. once i got that one thing accomplished, i went to visit cornelius for breakfast at his apartment. it was the first time we had really spoken since the strange incident of last week. things went well. we ate loads of bacon and eggs and i brought him a huge slice of the lemon cake that i had made over the weekend. he even cut my hair -- and it looks good! we then decided to go blackberry picking in my favorite spot. it was a very successful trip. besides all the cuts and scratches on my arms, we managed to fill up a huge bucket full of berries. when we got to my place, we made crust and baked 2 large pies and had enough berries to freeze for 2 more! it was an enjoyable way to spend the hot afternoon with a good good friend that i missed greatly. he is leaving for san francisco tommorrow and he asked me if i wanted to come with him and his 2 friends. i definitely would go but money dictates that i can't spend the summer free-wheeling around the united states. oh well, another time. san francisco will have to wait.

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