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July 31, 2002 - 8:51 am

partially due to my upcoming company next week as well as just a general frustration on why my apartment looks like a mess, i've decided to do some major remodelling to my lil' bachelorette pad in the sky.

a few days ago i fulfilled a promise i had made to myself months ago. once my zine had been done, i was going to get rid of my old pc and make the closet into a real closet -- cuz my pc was in a makeshift desk space which in actuality was my 2nd closet / shelf space. so i did that. i also got rid of my old and yucky ikea shelf and put them both down into my storage space in the basement. hooray for me! but my sparkly new renovations didn't end there.

last night a neighbour came to ask me if i could water her plants while she was away, so while i was in her beautiful very adult like space, i snooped around. she uses her murphy bed and i decided then and there to use mine too. i mean, it's just a flip down bed in a closet! what a space saver!! well, i'm actually going to leave it down all the time, but i've piled all of my mattresses on top of it and now my bed is like ten feet off the ground! i'm like the princess and the pea! i've shoved my futon under the bed, so part of it pokes out as a step that i can use to climb into bed. i'm pretty fucking excited about this new development! i'm also going to go to home depot today and buy some boards to use as shelves cuz there's lots of room now to put up some new shelving in the cubby space behind my head. whoooo! my apartment is going to be kicking ass by the end of the day!

oh yeah, and maybe i'll look for a job too. ha!

todays hit single: the mooney suzuki!!! rah!!!!!!!

okay, just cuz i hope people are downloading these daily doses and cuz i just can't get this song out of my head, here's song no. 2 by kim fowley. it's damn good and i'll bet you won't get the "rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr" out of your head all day.

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