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July 30, 2002 - 4:05 pm

last night i went to bed a weary, broken girl. i missed a phone call from the portland boy and i answered 2 calls from the p.y.t. i hurt the p.y.t.'s feelings and i felt horrible for it. i took a hot bath, dyed my hair and stumbled into bed.

i awoke to an 8am phone call from the portland boy and we stayed talking until well after 12 noon. every day we seem to be learning more and more about each other and i can only count off the days until we actually get to meet each other in person again. it's funny to get worked up over a boy i met almost 3 weeks ago in another country -- especially a boy who i haven't even kissed, held hands with or touched. but it is an interesting experience. we know so much more about each other now and so maybe our first kiss won't be so scary (but i'm sure it will have the right about of scary too!) ah, boys! mmmm.

i've applied for 3 techie jobs and then biked around my neighbourhood in a dress doing errands. i have to buy a new toilet seat (which my landlord won't pay for!!! the hippy girl who lived here before me painted the seat purple with a big gold moon! yeesh) and went to home hardware to look at prices. as i was looking, the cutest boy who worked there asked me if i needed any help. gulp. i shyly said no and turned and ran. what good conversation can be made mulling over a decision over which toilet seat to buy!

song for today: you you you by the 6ths.

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