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July 25, 2002 - 2:45 pm

i'm trying to study hard for a civil service exam that i have tommorrow. i have to know the canadian immigration laws and there really is a lot more on their site than i would have imagined. i'm also trying to study while listening to the mountain goats real loud. plus, i've got other stuff on my mind. so yes, i can find it difficult to study boring facts like june 28, 2002 is when the new immigration act replaced the 25 year old immigration act.

but i do have to study hard. i have to get a job soon. i have to send out more resumes and fax the ones that lay at a pile by my feet. today is sunny and breezy and not at all hot as in HOT-T the way the past few days have been. it's lovely and i want to be on the swingset at the park around the corner from my house. i want to drink limonatas from the italian deli and lie on the grass.

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