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July 18, 2002 - 12:41 am

i can't believe that it is almost the end of the week. time is flying by! on tuesday i decided to go through with my video for the blinding light's "rockaction". last week i was too busy with my zine and getting ready for portland, that i just assumed there would be no time to make a new video. i was wrong. i shot it tuesday afternoon and edited it on wednesday afternoon, just in time for the wednesday night screening. phew. it felt good to get something creative done again. i want to make more movies. it felt really good to complete an artistic project before a deadline and to feel okay about the whole thing. it's not my greatest video, but i'm happy with it. if only this stuff could pay my rent. i got a fifty dollar cheque so the beers on me this week!

tommorrow i'm heading off into nature to go camping with randy and kyla. i'm pretty excited. we'll have the luxury of camping with a car....something i don't think i've done since high school. i usually carry everything on my back and end up hiking for miles. not this time. we have randy's parents station wagon so we're loading up on meat, chips and beer. oh yes, nature, here i come!

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