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July 11, 2002 - 11:18 pm

it's late and it's the only time all day that i've been on diaryland. folks, i think this is a record. and you know this must be serious, as i never use the folks word. nuh-uh. my zine is done, done, done. i surprised myself! it's pretty good looking with pink paper insides and a lovely screenprinted cover outside. who knows what it actually reads like. i don't really care. i'm just happy to be sitting on a chair and drinking my vanilla coke like a civilized member of society, rather than sprawled on the kitchen floor cutting and taping and pasting. phew. this zine was hell to do and i'm relieved beyond repair that it's all done.

now, i've just got to pack and clean up my apartment cuz kyla and i are heading on the 7:30am express to seattle and then off to portland for the weekend. i am more than excited! if anyone here will be going to the portland zine fair, please stop by our table and say hello. we are shy and awkward and will probably mumble something that could prove embarrassing. please don't hold that against us.

i am at a complete loss on what to pack. i will bring a huge suitcase cuz nature dictates i'll be bringing back a whole load of stuff. american shopping! i can't wait!! but it's so fucking hot outside and i hate hot hot weather as i currently have no good tshirts to wear, as all of mine seem all tattered and stretched out. blah. maybe i'll just have to buy some there. everything is all up in the air. we don't know where we will be staying yet, but i'm sure all will work itself out fine. wish us luck. i'm looking forward to a great weekend with lots of shopping, beer and interesting people. oh yes!

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